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High Security Custodial Doors

Celltech Australia has produced every conceivable style of high security prison and police station cell doors over the years, all doors are made to order to our client’s requirements.

The following is a small sample from our very extensive catalogue of door styles we have designed, fabricated and installed worldwide.


 High Security In-Glass Blind Custodial Door    High Security Custodial Door with Lift Up Observation Window    High Security Custodial Observation Cell Door    High Security Duct Door

 High Security Traffic/Corridor Door    High Security Stainless Steel Custodial Door    High Security Corridoe/Traffic Door    High Security Traffic Doors

 Super Maximum Securirty Prison Door    High Security Interview Booth Doors with Handcuff Bolt    High Security Double Kitchen Door    High Security Glazed Observation Holding Cell Door

 High Security Swing In/Out Exercise Yard Door    High Security External Entry Door    Double Leaf Observation Door    External Entry Door

Door Hardware

 Celltech Australia High Security Door Hinge    High Security Air Releif Grille for Custodial Doors    High Security Custodial Door with Electro Magnetic Hold Open Device, with Remote Release    High Security Door with Vioce Transfer Louver

 High Security Mechanical Slam Shut Keyed Alike to Meal Hatch    High Security Cell Door Handcuff/Foodport Shot-Bolt


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