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High Security Furniture and Fixtures & Fittings

Here is a selection of some of our Furniture & Fittings for custodial accommodation.


 High Security (Police Station) Cell Bed    High Security Prison Double Bunk Bed Unit    High Secuiry Bed & Shelf Unit    High Secuity Twin Share Beds

 High Security Buddy Cell Shelves Unit    High Security Holding Cell Bench    High Security Internal Veiw of Buddy Cell Desk Set    High Security Bunk Bed

Fixtures & Fittings

 High Security Smoke Detector Cover    High Security Corner Mounted CCTV Cover    High Security Corner Mounted CCTV Camera Housing    High Security Modesty Screen for External Exercise Yard

 High Security Television Enclosure    High Security Interview Booth Stool    High Security External Dinning Table & Chair Set    High Security Holding Room Modesty Screen

  High Security Non Contact Interview Booth, Bench & Stool Set


 High Security Recessed Wall Mounted Steel Basin/Drinks Fountain    High Security Combined Toilet & Basin Set    High Security Stainless Steel Pan & Pedistal Hand Basin Set   Basin and Shelf Unit

 Disabled Bathroom    Toilet Pan    

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