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High Security Modular Cell Block System - Exercise Yard Layouts


This view comprises, shower cubicle, CCTV cover, TV Enclosure, both internal and external windows, electro magnetic holdback door, Air relief grille, light cut-out, and peninsula table & stool set, all finished in 2 pack epoxy paint.


This view comprises, CCTV cover, TV Enclosure, Peninsula table & stool set, air relief grille & light fitting cut-out. Fronts for holding cells, entry door to holding cell area and shower fronts.


This view comprises CCTV cover, peninsula table & stool set, air relief grilles, smoke detector cover & light fitting cut-outs.  Fronts are for holding cells, interview booths, entry to external yard & shower front.


This view comprises CCTV cover, light fitting cut-outs, air relief grilles & peninsula table & stool sets. Fronts for showers, entry to external yard, holding cells & interview booth.




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