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High Security Custodial Windows



Celltech Australia provide an immense variety of high, medium and low security custodial windows with glazing levels ranging from ballistic to sacrificial and everything in between.

Celltech Australia also provide Maximum security wear resistant manganese steel, flat and round bar sections in the production of our high security cell window and barrier screen range. Working with our steel supplier and utilizing Celltech Australia’s expert fabrication and welding techniques, the production of these high security cell windows are a standard product in our range. We here at Celltech are very aware of of our worldwide competition in custodial steel components and there has been a lot of rhetoric about wear resistant bar used in the correctional industry over the years, there is no mystery to the fabrication and welding of this material, if you have the expertise. Some in the industry would have you believe that this is all new technology, I am sure Sir Robert Hadfield would have something to say about that, his near 100 year old invention has been so immaculate, that any time served tradesman would have the ability to work with this material with ease.


  High Security Prison Cell Window    High Security Prison Window External View    High Security Prison Window Internal View   High Security Interview Room Observation Window

  High Security Prisoner Cell Observation Windows   High Securityt External Officer Post Windows   High Security Control Room Window Fronts    Celltech Australia 20mm Round High Security Wear Resistant Bar

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