Modular System

Celltech Australia has used its expertise and innovation to create a high security construction which has proved to be the standard within the Corrective Services and Police Services.

Modular system / construction methodology

Listed are some of the prefabrication advantages –

  1. All materials used for cell wall and ceiling superstructure have galvanized substrate.
  2. Individual panels are constructed on assembly line to high tolerance fabrication criteria, all raw materials used on our modular cell system are of a pre-galvanized nature.
  3. Door frames are one piece, 4 times bent profile frame. ( i.e. no welded door frame slamming bars)
  4. Fabricated wall and ceiling panels are then locked together to form a flat seamless prefabricated modular cellblock unit.
  5. Pre fabricated modular cell block units are then painted with a durable abrasive resistant 2 – pack epoxy paint system.
  6. Celltech Australia’s modular cells have a natural built in conduit system to install any conceal security surveillance packages, such as CCTV camera, Duress alarms, Cell call units, reed switches and the like, all flush mounted
  7. Pre-painted, modular cellblocks units are loaded onto standard crane truck for site delivery.
  8. Cell bunks, cell furniture and cell CCTV camera covers etc all have concealed, screw-less fixings.
  9. Modular cellblock units are lowered into position and locked onto structural concrete slab.
  10. All door frames have built in doorway thresholds.
  11. Door food/handcuff ports have optional in-built tamperproof lock/cover plate.
  12. Door and door frames have concealed hinge-mounting plates to give minimum 16mm thread depth engagement for 10mm diameter high tensile screws.
  13. Celltech Australia’s horizontal and vertical adjustable hinges have 16mm diameter case hardened pivot pins (also in power transfer model).
  14. Bunk beds have 50mm diameter horizontal and vertical edges with 50mm diameter knee cap corners.
  15. All door hardware and glazing systems are flush fitting both inside and out and are screwed in tension for stronger more resilient finish.
  16. All screws used are tamper-proof in either, stainless steel or mechanically galvanized.
  17. Smoke detector covers are made from 2mm domed perforated sheet with 1.6mm diameter holes.

Celltech Australia has worked with many Correctional and Police Services both nationally and internationally, below is a link to our most recent Prisons, Law court complexes and 24-hour Police Stations projects where we have supplied our high security modular and conventional custodial components.

If you have ever visited a new 24 hour Police Station in Victoria, it is likely that it will have a Celltech Australia Modular Cell System installed. The statistics show that the Celltech Australia Modular Cell System has been accepted as the standard in Police Cell Containment. The high quality of materials, workmanship, allows our clients to be confident that the modular system will withstand all forces within.

We have the experience to deliver high quality security containment products for any size or type of project. Our engineering expertise is unparalleled in the industry and gives Celltech Australia a distinct advantage in design, fabrication and construction to meet the most demanding requirements.