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Experience that Counts

Celltech Australia has worked with many Correctional and Police Services both nationally and internationally, below is a link to our most recent Prisons, Law court complexes and 24-hour Police Stations projects where we have supplied our high security modular and conventional custodial components.

If you have ever visited a new 24 hour Police Station in Victoria, it is likely that it will have a Celltech Australia Modular Cell System installed. The statistics show that the Celltech Australia Modular Cell System has been accepted as the standard in Police Cell Containment. The high quality of materials, workmanship, allows our clients to be confident that the modular system will withstand all forces within.

We have the experience to deliver high quality security containment products for any size or type of project. Our engineering expertise is unparalleled in the industry and gives Celltech Australia a distinct advantage in design, fabrication and construction to meet the most demanding requirements.